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TCNJ Alumna’s Bracelet Company Spreads Positivity Amongst Girls

Whenever Ana Doyle looks down at her wrist, she is reminded that life’s greatest gifts come at the most unexpected of times. “Serendipity,” a word that to Ana symbolizes the unpredictability of life, is printed on a bracelet that she wears daily.

“I treasure this bracelet because it serves a reminder for me to just hang in there. Even when life throws you curveballs, there’s potential for you to better yourself from them. That’s what serendipity means to me,” Doyle, a nineteen-year-old student at The College of New Jersey, says. However, Doyle is not alone; women everywhere are finding a similar sense of comfort to what she gets from her “serendipity” bracelet.
Little Words Project, a bracelet company that was founded in 2013 aims to spread positivity in the form of simple, “little words” amongst ladies around the nation.

Adrianna Botti, Little Words Project’s founder, created the company with a simple goal in mind: to inspire women through acts of selflessness and kindness. LWP has a humble mission: “one is to wear her Little Word for as long as the bracelet provides her the comfort she needs, and then, when the opportunity arises, she is to pass her Little Word on to someone who needs it more than she does,” Botti, a 24 year old resident of Jersey City, explains.
The Little Words Project began to take shape when Botti decided that her intended industry, Public Relations, left her feeling unfulfilled. She says, “While I enjoyed the fast paced atmosphere of the PR industry, I found that I was always daydreaming of starting something of my very own. I wanted to apply all that I was learning in PR to my own company, all while helping people at the same time.”
Botti, a TCNJ alumna, says that she created the company as a response to having to deal with middle school hardships that lasted throughout her high school years. She says, “After growing up dealing with “mean girls” for most of my life, I saw a need, as well as a huge opportunity, to bring some kindness back into the “girl world.”” And so, the idea behind Little Words Project was born.
While it wasn’t until after college that Botti created LWP, she says that she created the idea behind her company while she was a student at The College. Botti created “warm fuzzies,” a version of what is now Little Words Project. “The concept of the bracelets caught on with my sorority chapter, and quickly spread to other chapters around the nation through my usage of social media forums like Instagram and Facebook.”
Botti’s sorority-wide concept evolved into a legitimate business, the Little Words Project, when she noticed the full potential of her products. “I was able to fuse my creativity and my desire to do something important- and so I started Little Words Project and have not looked back ever since.”
Customers of Little Words Project are encouraged to come up with their own Little Word that has significance to their own lives; however, the company also has pre-made bracelets options, including Little Words “dream,” “inspire,” and “strength.”
Each of Botti’s bracelets comes with a gold-dipped tag attached that has a unique successive number inscribed. These tags represent the bracelet’s number of issue that Botti has created, making it easy to track the travel of each Little Word, if the bracelet owner is to pass her Little Word on, over the company’s webpage. Bracelet owners are encouraged to register their bracelet’s tagged number, allowing them to share their story, as well as photographs of their bracelet.
Botti recognizes that “internet interactions are the way of the world,” and so her company is represented on numerous social mediums. “Our company uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tumblr. Social Media has completely revolutionized our world, and without these mediums, Little Words Project would absolutely not be what it is today.”
With the help of word of mouth through social media, Botti has created nearly five thousand bracelets since the company was founded a year ago. And while Botti’s company reached sales goals rather quickly, this entrepreneur has no intentions of losing steam. She hopes to “reach as many customers as organically as possible and see girls everywhere engaging with the project component.”
Botti hopes to open up a facility within the next year in order to expedite the production process, as well as offer customers the opportunity to shop in person for their own Little Words. Additionally, Botti hopes to one day to infuse other products that still manage to embody the company’s purpose into her business.
Botti’s says “Little Words Project is very luckily my main source of income. I typically work a bunch of street fairs and other events for my company just to further spread the word about the principles of LWP.”
While success has come rather naturally for Botti’s company, there have, of course, been some kinks in the road for this first-time business owner. “The hardest part of owning my own business is simply being my own boss and not having any formal training. Everything I do I’m doing for the first time, so there’s a lot of trial and error.”
Botti recounts her biggest mishap to date as Little Words Projects founder: “One time I mixed up two orders and sent them to the wrong customers. It doesn’t sound that bad, but one of the customers was livid that someone else now had her address and phone number,” Botti says while blushing.
However, even with the stress of owning her own business, Botti says that being a business owner is well worth it. She says, “To me, Little Words Project is a way to bring some much needed social connectivity back into this world while also offering women a vehicle with which to bring one another up rather than put one another down. I wish that when I was younger I had something as simple as a Little Word to remind me that everything would be okay.”
Botti says that if she could give her younger self the gift of a Little Word, she would choose “confidence.” She says, “It would have been really helpful to me when I was younger to wear this word on my wrist when doubting myself became so common.”
However, today, Botti too wears her very own Little Words. Botti’s Little Words of choice are “laugh” and “give.” She says, “I wear “laugh” because it’s important to remember to have a good sense of humor amidst day-to-day craziness, and “give” because it reminds me constantly of the principles of the Project. I recently gave my “family” away to someone who was just getting married and starting a family.”
However, the Little Word that Botti holds nearest to her heart is “dream.” “Dream” definitely means the most to me. It is the first Little Word I ever made and it has since inspired me every single day. Now that I look back on making my first bracelet day, I can’t believe how far I’ve come,” Botti says triumphantly.
Botti says that she holds her company so near and dear to her heart simply because she takes pride in knowing that her product has the power to make a difference. She says, “There is so much negativity in this world- it would be nice to see girls everywhere coming together to lift each other up, which is what Little Words Project is all about.”