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Author Archives: Gianna Cumella

Lancome and Other Beauty Brands Look Towards Youtube Vloggers for Promotional Opportunities

As a growing trend of consumers turning to Youtube as a source for information on make-up brands to buy, the cosmetic industry has been forced to change. Many beauty brands have attempted to have their products featured in popular Youtube videos as a promotional tactic.

The Beauty category on Youtube is growing rapidly and according to a beauty study by Pixability, there are “14.9 billion beauty-related shows,” but only 3% of them are controlled by brands. The rest of the percentage is controlled by internet vloggers, and other beauty content contributors, according to Pixability. Another fraction of the percentage is controlled by haul girls, which are internet vloggers who post videos and share their recent make-up purchases with their viewers.

Major beauty brands are finding that their advertisement tactics have been ineffective in comparison to the engagement achieved by Youtube vloggers, with vloggers gaining 115 times more subscribers and 2,600% more comments on social media, according to the study by Pixability. Interactive videos have proven to be more entertaining and personal than passing a billboard promoting a product.

Consumers are hooked on Youtube beauty videos for a multitude of reasons. Consumers can go to a Youtube channel for just about anything. They can search for “how-to” videos, tutorials showing the proper ways to use and apply make-up, new products on the market, tricks and trends, and other beauty guru’s opinions. Because of all these benefits, consumers have turned to the site in growing proportions.

Now popular make-up vloggers, like Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson, have become bigger influences on consumers than big companies have. This new trend and shift in the industry can be attributed to the vloggers themselves. More often than not, these internet personalities are energetic, insightful, and (most of all) relatable. These personalities explaining the pros and cons of cosmetic products has proven to be a lot more effective in selling products than PhotoShopped billboards have been. They have become the new makeup counter sales person.

Mikaela Lyons, Marketing student at Loyola University, has seen the industry change. “I notice how not as many people are visiting make-up counters anymore, but instead just going online to read reviews or watching videos about the products. It’s the same information, it’s only more easily accessible.”

Today’s vloggers often gain huge followings on the internet because they establish themselves as trustworthy sources. By filming videos in their bedrooms demonstrating how to cover up acne and tame frizzy hair, people who share similar beauty struggles are instantly able to connect with them.

“I find videos to be much more helpful than anything else, and I almost feel as though I’m friends with the people in the videos sometimes because I follow their accounts for new videos and watch them so frequently.” says Lyons she watches several videos weekly. Lyons claims that she is more prone to purchasing items which have been featured in Youtube videos if the vlogger recommends a specific product.

Recently, many vloggers have been receiving recognition for their useful content and beneficial delivery by cosmetic companies. Michelle Phan, a commonly known Youtube make-up guru, started her channel in 2007, and since then she has obtained over 7 millions subscribers. Her large and growing fan-base has earned her national advertising deals with companies like Lancome and even Diet Dr. Pepper. Phan’s tutorial videos are now displayed on the Lancome website. In these informative videos, Phan uses the company’s products and explains how to properly wear them, and the website incorporates a side bar containing these products seen in the video for customers to buy.

This past summer, Phan launched her own beauty line, “EM Michelle Phan.” Since then, she has written her own book titled “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and Off.” Phan’s new book includes beauty knowledge and tricks, personal stories, and cosmetic advice frequently asked by her viewers. Last week, Phan held a book signing in New York City, where hundreds of her fans, along with subscribers to her youtube channel, lined up to meet Phan and take photographs with the inspiring author.

Many other big name cosmetic companies have began to pair up with Youtube vloggers. According to the study by Pixability, only a quarter of all beauty-related videos on Youtube contain brand names. This is a small percentage considering the amount of beauty-related videos that are uploaded to the website weekly. With companies like L’Oréal beginning to promote themselves, with the help of popular Youtube vloggers, this percentage may increase.

L’Oréal has targeted customers on Youtube by providing vloggers with their products to market, and also by strategically placing ads before the videos. Although only 25% of Youtube videos contain brand name cosmetics, based on this growing trend, viewers may start to see big cosmetic brand names more and more.

Alexis Roos, sophomore finance major at Bentley University in Massachusetts, has been watching Youtube make-up tutorials for years, specifically videos uploaded by another commonly known Youtube personality, Kandee Johnson.

“I’m really into fashion and make-up, so going onto Youtube to watch a video is usually the quickest and easiest way to keep up with the trends.” Roos explains. As a teenager, watching Youtube videos was much more than just a source of entertainment, but it was also an outlet for Roos to turn to for educational and self-improvement purposes. “I’m more of a visual learner, so watching someone go through how to do something is more effective for me than reading instructions on a website.”

Many other people feel the same way as this college student, and cosmetic brands are catching on to this desire by the consumers. With such a significant rise in the interest of people watching Youtube tutorials, along with the general increase of internet usage, beauty brands promoting their products through Youtube videos has looked much more appealing to cosmetic brands.With this growing trend, Youtube vloggers like Michelle Phan will continue to gain fame and recognition as beauty brands will be more prone to promoting products through the use of Youtube videos and tutorials.