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Top 5 Most Affordable Beauty Brands


Everyone is always trying to stretch their dollars, even when it comes to beauty. Getting the newest high-end beauty product is the most important thing to some individuals. When it comes to this industry, many have the mentality that the more expensive a product is, the better, however, that is not always the case. There are brands out there that won’t break your bank account, but what are they? Here are the top 5 most affordable beauty brands that will make you question if that $80 Chanel foundation is really worth it.


1. Lush Cosmetics

This up and coming company features fresh ingredients in handmade products, each of which have their own stamp of approval from company employees with the date the product was made, and how long it will be good for. You can find anything from your typical makeup items like lip stains and eyeshadows all the way to organic hair products and powder sunscreen all for under $25! Lush Cosmetics is also heavily involved in supporting humanitarian, environmental and animal rights charities as well as fighting animal testing. Ana Williams, a Lush employee even says: “Lush is by far one of the safest and most ethical brands out there and they provide products that won’t kill your bank account so what more can you ask for?” While Lush Cosmetics is still a developing company, their products can be found inside Macy’s, at their own stores or online at:

2. The Body Shop

The Body Shop values the use of fresh and organic ingredients while being both very affordable and accessible. They too vary from bath, haircare and makeup products. Many of their basic products range from $5-$15 which is a steal when considering the high quality ingredients the Body Shop uses, like organic tea tree oil and marula oil. Vicka Caughdighan, an employee at a Body Shop store stated: “I would have to say our most popular item has to be any product from the Tea Tree Oil line. It is such a better alternative to clear your acne and problem areas than using harsh chemicals that do more harm to your skin than good. It’s an affordable line made with organic and safe ingredients so its no surprise its one of this store’s top sellers.” This beauty company is also a supporter of the fair trade industry, where they seek small-scale farmers and provide them with good trading practices as well as independence-building prices. The Body Shop products can be found in their private stores found nationwide, in department stores and online at:

3. e.l.f.

e.l.f. or eyes. lips. face. is not your ordinary cosmetic brand because a majority of their products are priced at only $3, making them a top competitor in the affordable beauty brand category. Not too long ago, their collection only consisted of your very basic beauty products and they were hard to find in stores. However, e.l.f. has since expanded their line to include more items like tinted moisturizers and facial masks and can now be found in many local stores, like Target and Walgreens. Their products can also be purchased at:

4. Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is another company known for their use of organic ingredients while still making their products affordable. So what sets them apart from the others? This beauty brand has the support of makeup artists, like Joanna Schlip and dermatologists, like Dr. Meghan O’Brian. Physicians Formula also has a multitude of awards for “best of”, “editor picks” in Allure Magazine and the list goes on. Having a price range of about $5-$15, this beauty brand is near perfect. Their products can be found at Walgreens, Target and on their website:

5. L’Oreal

Ranking in the top 5 by Forbes for one of the top beauty brands, L’Oreal is the queen of the drugstore makeup scene. Since L’Oreal is one of the top cosmetic companies, they have the research and funds to make sure each product is well-made all while being profitable. A majority of their cosmetic products average out to be in the $8-$10 range. With lines ranging from anti-aging to acne control, there is no question they appeal to a wide audience. Their products can be found in just about every drugstore as well as on their website: