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Five all-female indie bands you’ll wish you knew about sooner

Whether your cup of tea is smooth soul, rock ’n’ roll, folk or post-punk, there’s a song for that, sung by a league of laudable ladies. Women are taking the independent music scene by storm and you’re about to find out why. Meet these five indie goddesses who are rocking our world right now. Watch out fellas.


haimThe Haim sisters Este Arielle, Danielle Sari, Alana Mychal, along with drummer Dash Hutton, have most frequently been compared to Fleetwood Mac and it’s not hard to see why. Their airy melodies, puckish synths and breathy vocals are guaranteed to bring you right back to the ’70’s.

HAIM somehow manages to mix shades of sensual R&B with catchy pop components and melt it into an album with a totally cool, retro vibe.

These indie sweethearts hit the international festival scene this year, performing at Coachella in their home state of California and Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Catch them in October at Festival Corona Capital 2014 in Mexico City.

Check out “The Wire” to get a good grasp of their style.

2. Warpaint

Through heavy tempos and defiant lyrics, this indie rock unit exudes girl power.

Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman on vocals and guitar, Jenny Lee Lindberg on bass and backing vocals and Stella Mozgawa on drums have a knack for putting together dreamy, mesmerizing tracks with swirling rhythms.warpaint

The band’s haunting sound has been a constant since their first EP Exquisite Corpse in 2008. Since then, the all-female quartet has released its debut album The Fool, an inverted-pop preview of what was to come. Warpaint calls their latest self-titled album their Dark Side of the Moon, complete with space-rock and rap elements.

They drew crowds this spring in New York City at venues like Webster Hall, where they will be returning during their tour in October. Look out for them at Union Transfer in Philadelphia and The Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Listen to the post-punkers’ song “Stars.” It’s the perfect backdrop for a late-night soiree.

3. Girlpool

As the name suggests, Girlpool is another all-female band that is coming to the punk rock forefront with their open and honest lyrics. Cleo Tucker and Harmony Trividad prove that rock ’n’ roll is not dead, and it’s certainly not just for men.

IMG_6230Their LP Girlpool is aggressive, sexually charged and strident. Its sound bares striking resemblance to early Modest Mouse and The Oh Sees. The duo utilize electric guitar rifts and a slack bass, but no drums, in their low-fi punk tracks. To put it simply, their music just works.

“It was a lot of the riot girl inspiration,” Trividad shared in an interview with Roxy Campos ofOrdinary Girl LA. “I remember we talked about bringing back the wave of feminism — and how it comes in waves.”

Girlpool’s raw electricity will satisfy punks, folkies, mods and rockers as they soak in lyrics about putting the white man down, shaming slut-shamers and getting eaten out while watching “American Beauty” (be sure to look up that song).

The duo has several California shows coming up in September and will make their way to the east coast in October.


While some may try to pigeonhole PINS as “garage rock” or “post-punk,” each track is wildly different from the next that it’s hard to slap a label on the quartet’s sound.pins1

The Manchester-based band composed of Faith Holgate, Anna Donigan, Lois MacDonald and Sophie Galpin play with grinding instruments, echoing vocals and a heavy, flattening drone that’s reminiscent of early Stooges.

The foursome will make their way to California to play several shows at Multiple Venues in Los Angeles.

Say to Me” from EP “LuvU4Lyf” is the perfect epitome of their unique style.

5. The Staves

This not-so-well-known acoustic rock trio combines Britsh folk with rustic Americana on their debut album “Dead & Born & Grown.” Famous for their beautiful harmonies, sisters Jessica, Camila and Emily Staveley create classy, contemporary and calming tunes, complete with finger-style guitar and an organ.

the-stavesYou’ll appreciate the crisp, clear vocals on the opening track “Wisely and Slowly.” It blends country charm with playful passivity.

Unfortunately, the trio only has shows lined up in the UK right now, but plans to head to the States soon.