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Amy Bell Inspires Creativity at Home and Online

537862_410159435662375_817834797_nBy Noelle Paredes

It seems like every mom these days has a blog. According to, there are over 3.9 million “mommy blogs” devoted to sharing everything from healthy yet kid-friendly recipes to sewing techniques, creative crafts and parenting tips. Amy Bell, a married mother of four, runs a full house as well as a successful blog, Positively Splendid. The Nashville native started writing in 2010 as a way to chronicle her quest to create a loving home for her budding family. She dedicates time everyday to posting handcrafted project tutorials and kid-approved recipes in hopes of inspiring others to discover their inner creative potential. The site has become so popular that she now has over 11,000 followers and was recently featured in Country Woman Magazine. Bell talks about raising a family, nurturing a blog and the possibility of turning her musings into a book for her readers.

What led you to start your blog, Positively Splendid?

I was raised in a very creative home, and I have a passion for sharing my love of creative pursuits with others to show how easy it is to create something beautiful with your own two hands.

Was crafting a big part of your childhood?

Crafting was a huge part of my childhood, as my father is an oil painter and my mother does everything from sewing and crafting to cooking and baking. My grandmother was much the same way, and creating is therefore something that comes very naturally to me. Some of my earliest memories are of snuggling in next to my grandmother as she pieced together a new quilt. She passed away in 1995, and I treasure the things she made so much!

Why do you love DIY crafts, and why do you think DIY blogs have become so popular in recent years?

For me, crafting is a form of self-expression. Taking simple supplies and turning them into something extraordinary and beautiful is so gratifying! I think blogs have gained popularity recently because of the social media surge, and also because the struggling economy has enticed people to go back to basics.

How does your blog, Positively Splendid, stand out from others like it?

I hope when people visit my blog, they immediately feel the positivity of my message and that they find that my projects are innovative and unique, and something that not everyone else is posting. I love to follow trends and anticipate the next big thing, and I continually pore over magazines and catalogs to help come up with projects that will always be on-trend and current.

Is DIY just a phase born from the recent recession, or is it here to stay?

The desire to DIY has been around since man first cobbled together tools from rocks and bones, so I think it is certainly here to stay!

What are your thoughts on sites like Pinterest and Etsy, and how have these sites shaped the DIY trend?

For creative bloggers like myself, Pinterest is an invaluable tool for having our projects and ideas reach the largest possible audience. I love that Etsy enables handmade businesses to thrive in such a big-box world.

Posting craft project tutorials as well as recipes almost every day must be very time consuming. What is a typical day like for you?

With four children, my first priority is always family, and I always work on blogging and crafting time when my children nap or after everyone is in bed at night. I usually devote 2 hours per afternoon to crafting, photographing, writing posts and answering emails, and then another hour in the evening.

Do you have any future plans for yourself and Positively Splendid?

I would love to parlay my blogging into a book deal of some sort. I would love to write either a book with step-by-step tutorials like I have on my blog, simple ways to add a bit of creativity to every day. I have an extensive writing background, and that has been a dream of mine since I was very small!

What kind of writing have you done in the past?

I have a degree in Public Relations, with supplemental studies in journalism.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job as a creative blogger?

The most rewarding part of my job is when I hear from readers who say they’ve used my ideas to create something beautiful on their own. I am truly passionate about helping others tap into their creative potential, which I firmly believe is within us all. It is a pleasure to spread the word about the joy found in taking ordinary supplies and turning them into something lovely!